Referral Partners

Referral Partners

Are you an Individual or a Company looking to increase your revenue and provide additional services and solutions for your clients? The Vantage Payments merchant Referral Partner program is designed to do just that. With our hands on approach, we allow you to be as involved or hands off as you’d like to be.

Once you make the introduction, we tag the merchant to your referral account. From there we work with the merchant on finding the best possible solution for their needs. Once our team walks the merchant through the setup process and they begin processing, you as the referral will receive monthly residual payments for the lifetime of the account. You could make thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars extra a month just through a simple introduction.
Don’t miss out any longer, take advantage of a Vantage Payments Referral Partnership.

Who can become a Referral Partner?

  • Independent Sales Agents (ISA’s)
  • Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s)
  • Any Individual with Merchant Customers
  • Affiliate Marketing Companies
  • CRM Companies
  • Gateway Companies
  • Fulfillment and Manufacturing Companies
  • Consultants
  • You and many more…

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